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Prayer letter from April, 2023

Hallelujah, greetings in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. First of all, I would like to express my understanding to my ministry partners. We have sent mission letters by mail, but in order to reduce printing and sending costs, we plan to share our ministry stories through our homepage ( and social media (Facebook, Instagram, and email). If you would still like to receive it by mail, please contact us at

Winter vacation is over and the spring semester has begun, and we are grateful that spiritual movements are taking place through students as FDU Metro School and WPU (William Paterson University). In addition, NJIT school is making efforts to share the gospel by inviting students every month, and BCC (Bergen Community College) is praying for new leader students who will start together while preparing through prayer, as two sisters are waiting for admission next semester. We ask for your prayers for that.

Winter and beginning with spring

At the Cru Winter Conference held in Baltimore at the end of last December, more than 1,000 students gathered together to worship and vision of the mission that God gives us. In particular, last year, due to the impact of Covid, a student who accompanied me was caught in Covid, so it was regrettable that we could not be together until end of Conference.

Also, starting the spring semester, our ministry team held the 'Leaders Summit' for 2 days and 1 night at the end of January to train campus leaders on spirituality, vision, and ministry strategy. We created and introduced a new 'Evangelism box' that can easily evangelize on campus, and had time to plan and prepare for a coming semester. In addition, with the start of the spring semester, we created a booth for students to participate in Cru activities and promoted them, inviting them to continue to live a life of faith with Cru ministry in the campus.


William Patterson University (WPU) had a lot of difficulties last year due to the personal problems of the leader students and the spiritual warfare within the university. However, through two students, John and Luke, God leds them with unchanging love to grow as leaders this semester, and started a new meeting centered on them. At the first meeting of the spring semester, God caused Carissa, Chante, and Launa to attend the meeting regularly. While praying for the campus, they set up a table on the campus during Passion Week and used a Questionnaire called the Quest Survey to have spiritual conversations and evangelism with the students. Through this, 60 students participated for two hours, and 3 new students participated in the first meeting on Thursday, and now 10 students are gathering and growing together.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) campus invites students every month and actively participates in preaching the Gospel. Charcuterie in February, Easter Potluck in March, and Testimony Night in April were held to invite their friends and to get a chance to share the gospel. It was a precious time.

Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) Metro Campus is a new movement that has been serving since last fall semester. Although it is a small campus compared to other campuses, those 3 leaders' students were passionately praying and leading the meeting and giving this campus to God. I want to buy a pizza for the meeting so that students could participate in the Bible study meeting at 1:00 during lunchtime. The number has increased to about 8, and the students started a Tuesday Prayer and Praise meeting for students who could not voluntarily come on Friday, and in the first week of April, 9 students gathered and prayed fervently for their friends and school, and went further, fasting prayer for 3 days and They glorify to God with their testimonies.

March, April and Summer

We are praying and preparing for the start of the Bergen Community College (BCC) campus ministry, and we would like to meet with potential students in this summer to share our vision and start preparations for the next fall semester. There were difficulties, such as going to school or transferring to another school within a year, but the sister who had taken a leave of absence for a while returned to school and her friend also enrolled in BCC too, so I am praying again and want to moving forward in the faith.

There are a lot of outreach events and activities at FDU Metro, WPU and NJIT schools in April and early May. Please pray that everything goes well, and that the students will hear and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ through these events. Also, please pray for the graduating leaders, students, and new leaders to have a heart given by the Lord and start a spiritual movement on their campuses and workplaces.

I was worried about what to do with the summer mission this year because I didn’t know how the tumor in my lung that was found last summer was progressing. In mid-February, after the CT scan, the doctor said that there was no change yet, so I could have another regular checkup next summer. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go on missions this summer, but I will prepare for the fall semester and coach overseas missionaries and interns in Cru. I’m also raising new ministry partners too.

Ask your prayer for ministry and our family
  1. Please pray for the campus leaders and for 4 students at WPU, 4 students at FDU Metro, 10 students at NJIT, and 2 students at BCC (Fall Semester) that have the faith to follow God even in the temptations of the world.

  2. Pray that WPU can start student and staff prayer meetings, and pray that each student will love God and grow in His Word. Pray also that the new leaders and advisors of NJIT will grow more and more. And pray that we will serve the campus with one heart.

  3. Please pray for a spiritual revival at FDU Metro. And pray that all students on campus will hear the Gospel through FDU CRU student members, and that the current spiritual awakening will spread to all students beyond the leaders.

  4. Please consider making a special donation for the vehicle. I am using the minivan that one of our partners donated. However, a few weeks ago, I went to the body shop for an oil change and they told me that the tires, brakes, and related parts need to be replaced right away. It would cost around $3,500 to fix them, so I came back without fixing them. We need your prayers and support to fix it as soon as possible because we use the vehicle to travel to different campuses and carry equipment for ministry such as worship and retreats.

  5. All of Cru’s missionaries have to raise funds that cover the expenses for missions through partner support. We are looking for 10 new financial supporters who will donate $100 per month for the ministry. Please pray for us to meet people who want to share the Gospel with us through our ministry even in difficult situations.


From Heegi and Kyungsun Kim in April, 2023



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