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Prayer Letter in March, 2024

After evangelism on Tuesday

Hello, This is missionary Heegi Kim and Kyungsun Park.

We always thank you for your prayer and partnership and we would like share ministry update and prayer request for March. Also, please understand that English is my second language, and I appreciate your patience and understanding in our communication.

After the winter break, some of the leader's students take a gap year due to personal and family issues. However, these situations are also a part of the ministry. I ask for God's wisdom to guide me through overcoming these challenges.

The college campuses that I am assigned to are entering the Lent and Easter season, so we are focusing on evangelism and concluding this spring semester well. We are also preparing to send off seniors and appoint a new leader for the fall semester.

NJIT Thursday Campus meeting

The 12 student leaders at NJIT plan to hold Bible study three times a week, engage in evangelism twice a week, and have a large group meeting on Thursdays. Especially in March and April, they are organizing outreach events. William Paterson University welcomes new students every week at the large group after the club fair. They also hold an evangelism meeting on Tuesdays using Perspective Cards. During this time, they naturally share their perspectives and thoughts with students, creating a joyful and engaging experience.

 At FDU Metro Campus, Pastor Jin, who serves as the chaplain, leads a Bible study on Wednesdays, and student leaders conduct a large group meeting on Fridays. Additionally, there is a monthly praise and worship gathering. We are still searching for the president of Ramapo College Cru to officially launch the ministry, so please keep that in your prayers.

FDU Metro campus meeting

J-Cru Worship service on the last Friday of every month welcomes new faces, and we worship in His grace. Our team plans to address emotional and relationship issues among students through our spring ministry. We especially encourage students to join the summer mission program so that they can share the Gospel from college campuses here to the world. Please pray for that.

NJIT "Tacos and God" Video


Prayer Requests in March
  1. May God continue to touch the hearts of students at Ramapo College so that they can grow into future leaders, and may the ministry be officially registered and launched at the school.

  2. For FDU Metro campus, we are planning to appoint new leaders for the 2024-25 semester, but most of the students are new believers, making it challenging. As our God reveals His glory through weak people, He will do the same through our students to prepare well for the next semester.  Please pray for that.

  3. NJIT plans to invite unbelieving students, and through Jesus Awareness in Holy Week, they will proclaim the Gospel. Please pray for every program and the students.

  4. Tuesday evangelism is improving every week. Please pray for participating students to overcome their fear and initiate Gospel conversations, and for students who hear the Gospel to accept it.

  5. Students who have experienced the impact of COVID may struggle with their emotions and relationships, leading them to leave our church and faith community due to the pain caused by others. Please pray that these students can discover the true love of God through Jesus Christ, surpassing the worldly love they may have encountered.

  6. Every summer, Cru sends over a thousand students from across the US to share the Gospel with the world. Our NJ Team encourages and supports them in seeing the world through the heart of Jesus Christ, inspiring them to join in this mission. Please pray that they can participate in the Summer Mission.

  7. Kyungsun and I encountered challenges with the flu in January and COVID in February, possibly due to frequent interactions with students. We're seeking your prayers for our health. Additionally, Kyungsun hasn't visited Korea in over 14 years, so we are planning to go for a health checkup for her and to examine a tumor in my (Heegi) lung. This trip will also provide an opportunity to see her parents. Please pray for complete financial support for these plans, and that we may find new monthly ministry partners for our mission.


May your days be filled with the love of the Cross and the experience of grace in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for joining hands with us in prayer. 

Sincerely yours

Kyungsun and Heegi Kim



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