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"UNASHAMED" Conference

하이어콜링 겨울 컨퍼런스가 1월 2일(수)부터 1월 5일(토)일까지 3박 4일동안 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Newark Airport에서 진행이 됩니다. 약300여명이 참여하는 컨퍼런스를 통하여 수많은 대학생들이 하나님안에서 변화되어 그들의 믿음과 비전이 다시 세워 질수 있도록 기도를 부탁드립니다.

특별히, 이번 컨퍼런스 저녁 예배때에 기도동역자분들과 후원자분들께서도 방문하셔서 대학생들과 함께 예배를 드릴수가 있습니다. 참석하시고 싶으신 저에게 이름과 연락처를 문자로 남겨 주시면 제가 등록팀에게 등록시켜 드리도록 하겠습니다.

김희기 213-435-3489 (오시는 날짜와 이름을 문자 또는 카카오톡으로 부탁드리겠습니다)

저녁 예배시간은 수, 목, 금요일 7시에 시작을 합니다.


하이어콜링 컨퍼런스를 위한 중보기도 제목


  1. 모든 참석자들이 하나님께 마음을 드리고 진실되게 회개할수 있도록

  2. 하나님을 통하여 그들에게 말씀을 주시고, 컨펀런스를 통하여 기도하는 자가 되도록

  3. 진정한 예수 그리스도 중심의 제자가 되어 캠퍼스와 교회에서 부흥을 일으킬 사람이 되도록

  4. 캠퍼스과 교회 그리고 하나님 나라를 향한 열정과 비전을 새롭게 하소서,

  5. 모든 참가자들이 하나님 나라를 향한 예수님 중심의 일꾼으로 일으켜 세우소서

  6. 믿지않는 참석자들이 예수 그리스도를 구주로 영접하여 구원을 받을수 있도록

  7. 모든 스탭과 학생 봉사자들이 한마음으로 섬기고, 사랑하여 그들이 있는 곳에서 기쁨이 되도록,

  8. 컨퍼런스 기간동안 오고가는 길을 안전하도록 그리고 모든 참가자들이 아프지 않도록

  9. 우리가 드리는 예배가 오직 하나님 한분만을 위하고 하나님 한분에게 영광 돌릴수 있도록


말씀전하시는 분 | Speaker


Andrew is the Executive Director and Founder of Desert Stream / Living Waters Ministries. “Participating in healing the sexually and relationally broken renews me; after over 33 years, I want to do nothing else. My delight in healing others grows out of an ongoing commitment to overcome homosexuality and to love my wife and kids as a substantially whole man. I am the author of Pursuing Sexual Wholeness (Creation House), Strength in Weakness (IVP), Naked Surrender: Coming Home to Our True Sexuality (IVP) and the recently revised Living Waters healing program. I want to keep helping Christians become who they are: good gifts to God and to one another.”


Converted by the grace of God in 2009 at the age of 29, Pastor Joshua Olivero received his call to ministry a year later and began volunteering in his church’s youth ministry at Englewood Assembly of God located in Englewood, NJ. After serving faithfully for 3 years, Pastor Josh accepted the role as singles pastor at Metro Community Church, also located in Englewood, NJ, where he served for 4 years. Pastor Josh is currently the founder and lead pastor of Kingdom City Church currently located in Rochelle Park, NJ.Joshua Olivero is a married father of four. He is a husband to Dely Olivero, his wife of 20 years, father to 4 beautiful children and 1 precious grandson.


Drew is a church planter and pastor of Hope Church Midtown, as well as the founding pastor of Hope Church NYC, a family of diverse churches in NYC and the co-founder of the New City Network, a network of urban churches. He has spent the last sixteen years living and pastoring in New York. He loves cities, ESPN, and naps, and finds it a restful Sabbath when all three come together. He resides in New York City with his lovely wife Christina and their two children, David and Avery. Drew is the author of no books.


JongAh staffed in NYC area with SOON Movement for close to 20 years. She loves connecting with college students and is passionate about reaching the nations. She is currently in Southern California on the national team of SOON. As a New Yorker, she misses latte from Orens, a good bagel, driving down Westside Highway in the spring, and driving across the GW bridge to NJ in the fall.

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