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Ministry Recap for Half of Fall 2023

Hallelujah, greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

Every year, as a new semester begins, we try to connect with newcomers from the middle of August to early October and start meetings. That period was an important time to empower one another to move forward but there is a foggy path with a sense of tension so we need to pray to take over it.

After the Fall Retreat gathering in early October, I want to share our ministry stories video that happened in the past days with our partners.

Please continue to pray with us for the ministry in the second half of this year together.

  1. We are starting the Ramapo College ministry, and we are beginning to gather students. Please pray for a spiritual revival on the campus, which had its ministry interrupted due to the pandemic."

  2. Please pray that ministry can also begin at Bergen Community College, and we ask for your prayers, especially for Sister K who will lead BCC Cru forward.

  3. Please pray for the establishment and growth of the meetings at William Paterson University and FDU Metro campus, and pray for evangelism and Prayer Walk activities too.

  4. Pray for revival movements of prayer and Bible study at NJIT University. also, 12 leaders may work together more diligently to spread the Gospel.

  5. Pray that students will participate in the winter conference at the end of December to embrace God's vision, and also pray that through the evangelistic activities during the Thanksgiving season, students may encounter Jesus Christ.

  6. Pray that we must meet new financial supporters for ministry and families, and pray for God's protection from any issue and temptation in this world.


This is Kyungsun and Heegi Kim and we're full-time staff with Cru and part of the NJ team. Cru has no central funds for paying salaries and ministry expenses. Like many other mission organizations, Cru depends upon the consistent financial support of concerned individuals and churches. Please help us spread the word about our ministry and join us in praying that through this, the Gospel will spread beyond the campus to the whole world.



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