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Prayer Letter May 2022

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Hallelujah, in the name of the Lord, we bless the families of our partners.

Covid19, which has caused us inconvenience and sadness for a long time, seems to disappear from our lives, but there are still many people around us who are suffering from it, and it will take time to heal and recover in campus ministry.

Also, due to the war in Ukraine that followed Covid19, all market and oil prices have risen, Although financial difficulties are aggravating at home and in the ministry, I am just thankful that I am able to go out to campus and share the gospel with you in prayer.

We would like to inform you in particular that to save the cost of sending missionary letters by mail, we are sending ministry letters on a quarterly basis, so please understand and visit our website "".

Winter conference started again on site

The New Jersey Cru team and students attended the Cru Winter Conference last week in December in Baltimore, Maryland, 5 days and 4 nights. In particular, despite the difficulties with 'Coivd19' that did not disappear even though it was held again in the field after 2 years, thanks to your prayers, the program team, and ministry partners. Hundreds of college students attended the conference by the grace of God. and It was a precious time for many students to have a vision of God's mission and to meet God through.

The invisible hand of the God

After the winter break, the expectations for the spring semester ministry were very high. In particular, William Paterson University (WPU) had high expectations as more than 2 to 20 students participated last semester, and Burgen Community College (BCC) decided to enroll 15 students in BCC Cru without any special difficulties. I was filled with it that I could start.

However, Satan did not leave us alone as we had high expectations. WPU, which had gathered more than 20 people in the last semester, had 5 people participate in the first meeting, and BCC had difficulties in registering because they could not meet the professors needed for club registration. I was very worried about where to start to untie this string.

But, the seeds of the Gospel are sown even in times of hardship and difficulties, and God protects them with an invisible hand to grow. Student S who attended the first meeting, despite having no faith, never missed out on attending campus meetings, and his faith is growing to know God. I want to give thanks to God who always prepares the next with his love.

Today, we sow the seeds of the Gospel on campus.

In the spring, various evangelism events were held to participate in evangelism and missions. In March, NJIT students shared the Gospel by inviting them through “Tacos & God” and “Easter Potluck” in April for Easter. Also, WPU School hosted an event to invite friends under the theme of “Hurts, Hearts and Healing”. And it was a great time for many of unreached students to hear the gospel.

In addition, through the J-Cru worship service, where New Jersey college students gather together every month to hold a joint worship service, we shared the vision of the mission so students can make their own disciples with various evangelism materials and tools. We want that they have a vision for World beyond the campus. and participated in the “Puerto Rico” short-term mission and summer mission held in March to fulfill the mission of a student missionary to spread the gospel of God to the world.

Please pray for our summer and new semester ministry.

During the past 12 years of ministry, one of my regrets was not being able to meet my ministry partners and my parents in Korea. I thought about “Someday God will give me a chance.” and waited and waited. Finally, I'm planning to visit Korea for two weeks in June, but Kyung-sun cannot because of her missionary training. We ask for your prayers about the ministry presentation and meeting for new partners.

In particular, as a new semester starts in August, we ask our partners to pray for the following prayers.

  1. From the fall semester, we plan to serve additional new campuses. Although the campus has not been decided yet, I know my shortcomings, so I ask for God's guidance and wisdom so that I can humbly share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

  2. In 2022-23, I hope that revival will occur in the campus worship service at William Patterson University with evangelism, Bible study, and prayer meeting. Also, pray that BCC can officially register to launch a ministry.

  3. During the pandemic, rising prices and financial difficulties for us are aggravating circumstances to carry the ministry. Please pray for new supporters and to break the obstacles that surround us now out.

Once again, we would like to thank all those who prayed for us and give glory to God, and we will continue to share our testimonies and prayer topics that occur on campus through this webpage. Today, we will be at peace in the Lord and we will be walking by your side in prayer even though we are far away.



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